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It was a literal example of bringing someone to Christ.

03/01/23 | 1 min read
(A thought from Matthew 8, Mark 2–4, and Luke 7.)

One notable detail in the story of Savior healing a man with palsy (see Mark 2:1–12) is the effort it takes to get the man to Him. The house where Jesus is staying is packed with people, so the man’s four friends take him to the roof, break a hole in it, and lower him down through the hole.

Talk about a group effort! (Let’s assume they repaired the hole afterward.)

The man couldn’t walk. He needed the Savior’s help—and he needed other people’s help. Elder Chi Hong (Sam) Wong of the Seventy gave a talk in general conference comparing the man’s friends to ward members who help one another.

“This rescue assignment needed everyone working together,” Elder Wong said. “At the crucial moment, it would take careful coordination to lower the man with palsy from the roof. The four people would have to work in unity and in harmony. There could not be any discord among the four.”1

The man with palsy obviously had faith. But Mark notes an important detail: “Jesus saw their faith” (Mark 2:5; emphasis added). Jesus was impressed not just by the sick man’s faith but by the faith of his friends too! Those people must have loved the man and apparently shared the belief that Jesus could heal him.

Getting through life is often a group effort. God loves it when His children help one another. And if one person can be blessed by faith, just think how great the blessings can be when people work together!

Who Can You Help?

Who around you could use help feeling loved and drawing closer to the Savior?

1. Chi Hong (Sam) Wong, “Rescue in Unity,” general conference, Oct. 2014.