Jesus Christ
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Imagine you could have a conversation with Jesus Christ.

11/08/22 | 1 min read
What would He say?

Did you know that Apostles are special witnesses of Jesus Christ? At general conference, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf told us five things he believed the Savior might tell you if He were here.

1. I love you.

“I believe He would start by expressing His deep love for you. He might say it with words, but it would also flow so strongly—just from His presence—that it would be unmistakable, reaching deep into your heart, filling your whole soul!”

2. Be of good cheer.

You might worry about all the mistakes you’ve made. He might assure you with loving words:

“Fear not.”
“Doubt not.”
“Be of good cheer.”
“Let not your heart be troubled.”

3. Leave your sins behind.

“He would ask you to repent—to leave your sins behind, to change, so He can forgive you.”

4. You can do this!

Your covenants “give you a special connection with Him … so that, with His help, you can carry any burden.”

5. You are a child of God.

You are on the earth to become more like your Father in Heaven. He sent Jesus Christ to make it possible for you to inherit everything He has for you. “That is your destiny. That is your future. That is your choice!

My Dear Savior

Write a response to the messages from Jesus Christ above, as if in a letter. What would you say?


Adapted from “Jesus Christ Is the Strength of Youth,” general conference, Oct. 2022.