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If we could hop in a time machine...

200 Years Ago, Today
09/22/23 | 1 min read
We could probably learn from Joseph Smith’s teen years!

September 22 marked the 200th anniversary of the Angel Moroni’s first visitation to Joseph Smith!

Even though many of Joseph’s experiences were miraculous, some of what he dealt with wasn’t that different from the journey we’re on today. Like the young Prophet Joseph Smith, each one of us is also searching for answers to our prayers.

In fact, here are three lessons from his youthful years that we could learn from!

Lesson #1: Sometimes it takes time to get answers.
It took two years of questioning, pondering, and scripture study before God and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith in the First Vision. Receiving personal revelation sometimes requires patience for us, too.

Lesson #2: God knows us by name.
The Angel Moroni, Jesus Christ, and God the Father each called Joseph Smith by his name and knew him personally. God knows you too. You are His child! He loves you.

Lesson #3: By repenting, we open ourselves up to additional spiritual experiences.
Joseph Smith admitted to making mistakes and often needing to repent. As we follow that humble example, we will be able to feel the Spirit more strongly and receive the answers we need.

Other Connections

What else do you learn from Joseph Smith’s story of his teenage years? You can read his account in Joseph Smith History in the back of the Pearl of Great Price.

Adapted from Matthew C. Godfrey’s article in the For the Strength of Youth magazine.