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I Was Ready to Enter the Temple … or Was I?

Sandra Edwards
05/26/22 | 3 min read
I thought I’d finished temple prep, but then several conference speakers started talking about temple covenants.

This general conference, I noticed a substantial focus on temple covenants. I hadn’t really expected to, but it also wasn’t surprising since I was just two weeks away from receiving my endowment after months of preparation. Every time someone mentioned the temple and covenants in conference, I felt like it was meant for me.

Of the many talks that referred to temple covenants, President Jean B. Bingham’s talk from the women’s session perhaps stood out to me the most. I didn’t necessarily learn anything new about the temple. However, some points she brought up helped me to think about it differently and broadened my perspective of what receiving my endowment and making covenants would truly mean for me.

President Bingham highlighted the blessings attached to keeping our temple covenants. She said we should know what covenants we will be making in the temple and what blessings we will receive by being faithful to those covenants.


First, she summarized the covenants we make in the temple:

“We solemnly promise to obey God’s commandments, live the gospel of Jesus Christ, be morally pure, and dedicate our time and talents to the Lord.”1

I paid close attention as she listed these promises. Thankfully, they didn’t feel new or confusing to me. It simply felt like a reminder to make sure I did know what I would be covenanting. She said that was the most important preparation, which helped me to feel more confident. I knew what promises I would be making to God, and I was prepared to make those covenants.

Promised Blessings

Throughout her talk, she described the blessings promised to us through faithfulness to those covenants:

  • “Blessings in this life and the opportunity to return to [God].”
  • “The power to discern between truth and error.”
  • The ability “to draw upon the Savior’s power, which strengthens us in our inevitable trials, provides protection from the adversary’s influence, and prepares us for eternal glory.”
  • “The Savior’s power to cleanse us as we learn through experience.”
  • Power to be guided and protected through our covenants and our testimony of Jesus Christ.
  • A greater connection to the Savior, and the ability to help others come unto Him.
  • “[God’s] priesthood power” and the ability “to have a profound influence on all with whom you interact.”2

From all my temple preparation studies, I had known about the wonderful blessings attached to the covenants I would make in the temple. But hearing President Bingham’s descriptions of them made them sound even more wonderful! I felt like I could understand and appreciate them more fully.

The power of her statements reminded me not to take any blessing for granted, because their source is truly divine.

My Impressions

Even if the information about temple covenants wasn’t new, the insights I gained were. I think I’d almost become complacent as I waited for the last few steps of preparation before my temple appointment, thinking I was good to go. But the insights I received from President Bingham and from the Holy Ghost renewed and increased my excitement to go to the temple and reminded me that my preparation is ongoing. I can always prepare for every temple visit, even after I receive ordinances my own ordinances.

If certain messages stand out to you in conference that no one else seems to notice, you might just be feeling a nudge from the Spirit that they are for you. The Lord knows exactly what you need to hear.

I am grateful for the insights and reminders I received during conference that were so applicable and timely in my life. We all may listen to the same messages, but through the Spirit, we can interpret them and apply them personally to our lives. That’s true for all of us, no matter what truths or guidance we are seeking.

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Sandra Edwards
Sandra Edwards is a writing and editing intern with the Gospel Living app. She enjoys reading, spending time with her family, attending the temple, and anything to do with music. She loves the gospel of Jesus Christ and strives to help others recognize God’s love for them.