BYU Pathway: Huila
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Huíla was afraid of failure.

06/06/23 | 1 min read
Would fear derail her dreams?

Meet Huíla, from Angola. She was once scared of writing essays, taking math exams, and learning software skills. But she wanted to prove that she was capable of great things, so she decided to try and earn a bachelor’s degree. BYU-Pathway Worldwide, an online option for education, made that possible for her.

“I was a person who didn’t believe in myself and lacked confidence,” Huíla said. But when she made the decision to embrace the challenge, Huíla’s courses taught her how to do the things she was fearful of—and more!

“I feel very proud for overcoming my fear,” she said.

Besides increasing her marketable skills, Huíla’s education has also deepened her testimony. She felt God’s support, which gave her a stronger motivation to keep moving forward.

“I’m doing something God wants me to do,” she said. “He wants my success.”

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Creating Confidence

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