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How should men and women treat each other?

03/17/23 | 1 min read
As respected partners, now and forever.

Question: Who is more important to God’s plan of happiness, women or men?

Trick question! Both are equally essential. Both have specific attributes and responsibilities.

In some cultures, women are treated as inferior. But Jesus Christ made it very clear that this should not be the case—the Mar. 2023 For the Strength of Youth magazine includes an article about how the Savior treated the women in His life.1 And women should not be antagonistic against all men, either!

As a pioneer Church leader named Eliza R. Snow once wrote, “These are two extremes, and between them is the ‘golden mean.’”2

What can you do to help make sure that both women and men are treated respectfully in your community and culture?

Partnership In Action

When have you seen men and women working together as equal partners? What do you learn from each of them?

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1. See “How the Savior Treated Women,” in the Mar. 2023 For the Strength of Youth magazine.
2. As quoted in “Equality of Men and Women,” from the Eternal Marriage Student Manual.