How Do You Use Your Time?
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How do you use your time?

04/23/24 | 1 min read
Here’s an object lesson to think about.

Imagine a jar, a small pile of rocks, and some sand.

  • The jar represents the 24 hours of time we have each day.
  • The rocks represent important habits, like prayer and scripture study, that really matter.
  • The sand represents other activities that we could use to fill our time.

Here’s the interesting thing: If you put the sand in a jar first, you might not have enough room for the rocks. But if you put the rocks in first, the sand can fill in all around them. You end up having room for both!

Did you see the post about Cristof’s story? When he focused on prayer and scripture study, the other parts of life got easier to manage.

Maybe today would be a good time to think about the “rocks” and “sand” in your life!

An Object Lesson Idea

You could get a jar, rocks, and sand, and share this as an object lesson with your class or family. What helps them focus on the most important things each day?

PS—Check out pages 17–18 of the April 2024 magazine for an article about how to use your 24 hours in a healthy way!