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“How can I find friends who help me live the gospel?”

06/08/23 | 1 min read
Here’s what some youth had to say.

Whether you’re the only member of the Church in your class or there are lots of members living close by, sometimes finding faithful friends can be a challenge. Here are suggestions from youth who can relate.

Sophia Nelson

Sophia’s family moves pretty often (she’s currently living in the Philippines!) so she knows how hard it can be to find friends. For her, being upfront is key.

“I’ve learned to be open about what I believe in. Let others know who you are and what you stand for,” she said. “The people you connect with may not be members of the Church, but they can still be great friends.”

Tate Nelson

Meanwhile, Tate has a three-part suggestion:

  • “First, pray. Asking Heavenly Father for help is always a good first step.”
  • “Next, put yourself in places where good people spend their time. When you are in uplifting places, you will meet good people.”
  • “Lastly, be open to different kinds of people. You never know who Heavenly Father has in store for you to meet.”

Thanks for sharing, Sophia and Tate! Find other youth answers to this question in the June 2023 For the Strength of Youth magazine here.

We’ll end with one final piece of advice from Elder Ronald A. Rasband.

“To have friends who live high standards, who stand for virtue and goodness, who are faithful and true to their covenants, you must be such a person to them.”1

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1. From “True Friendship,” New Era, Oct. 2016, page 5.