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How are your bridge-building skills?

01/21/24 | 1 min read
We can strengthen relationships with those of other faiths!

In January some people celebrate World Religion Day.

True disciples of Jesus Christ are respectful to other people—even those who believe differently than we do. We can work together to make the world a better place, building bridges between the gaps in our understand and focusing on what we have in common. We are all children of God.

We will be learning about several major religious groups this week: Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Protestantism. Maybe you have friends who belong to these different faiths. We hope you have an opportunity to talk with them about their beliefs and find things you have in common. Maybe there’s even a service project you could do together?

For example, one young women named Abby shared this story.

“Recently, we had an interfaith service activity with youth from my stake and the Islamic Society of Milwaukee to clean up part of the city. Then we got together again to eat lunch and play ultimate frisbee, kickball, and tag.

“My friends and I went and sat with a bunch of new people to get to know them. It was really fun to make new connections over games and service.

“It was cool playing ultimate frisbee and feeling like we were all on the same team. Sometimes we focus on our differences, but we’re more similar than we think. Everyone is a child of God and deserves to feel loved and accepted.”

World Religion Day: Abby

Isn’t that awesome? Thanks for sharing, Abby! Let’s have a wonderful week of interfaith learning.

Your Community

What religious groups do you notice in your neighborhood? What questions do you have about what they believe?