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His online skills led to the temple.

05/27/24 | 1 min read
Here’s how Benjamin helped his ancestors!

Searching Spanish records from1650 opened up generations of family connections for Benjamin. Way to go!

You can be a family history hero too. Here’s how:

  • Sign into the Family Tree app, or visit FamilySearch.org on a computer.
  • Click on “Temple” at the bottom of the app, or at the top of the computer screen.
  • Select “Ordinances Ready.”
  • Pick the same gender as yourself and then which ordinances you’d like to help with—for youth, “baptism and confirmation.”

Now comes the fun part! The program will scan your family tree and find ancestors who need these ordinances done. Then you can print their identification card and bring it to the temple.

If you aren’t able to go inside the temple yet, or if you have lots of ancestors who need ordinances done, your ward family can help. You could ask others to take the cards to the temple for you. You’ll need to do this anyway for those of the opposite gender. Make it a group effort!

Go to FamilySearch.org

Explore your family tree FamilySearch.org. Do you have lines with lots of information? Lines with lots of blanks? A little of both?