Meeting the Savior
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He’s the Word, and so much more.

01/05/23 | 1 min read
Who is Jesus Christ to you?

The beginning of the book of John uses an interesting name for Jesus Christ: the Word. What other names can you think of that represent Him?

Here are a few more titles, along with some beautiful pictures of the Savior that could work as wallpaper on your phone. Let’s make this a year of getting to know Him like never before!

  • Chosen One—He was the first spirit born into Heavenly Father’s family. Jesus was chosen from the beginning to be our Savior.
Little boy going to heaven
  • Creator—Under the direction of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ created this earth for us.
Meeting the Savior
  • Exemplar— His life and teachings give us a perfect example of how to live.
Young woman going to heaven
  • Savior— Jesus Christ saved each of us from death and sin.
  • Judge—He understands us perfectly and will judge us based on what we have done and what we have become.
  • Meeting the Savior
    • Advocate—He will satisfy the demands of justice for all who repent and believe in Him.
    Meeting the Savior

    Even if we don’t understand everything about the Savior’s life, we can trust that His ultimate role is to do what He’s doing in these pictures—lovingly reaching out to each of us, one by one.

    What He Means to You

    Take a few minutes to think or write about your relationship with Jesus Christ. What feelings and questions do you have for Him? How could you get to know Him better?

    Adapted from “Saving You Is the Plan—He Is the Way” Aug. 2020 Liahona.