Elder Bednar General Conference
Gospel Living

Here’s what Apostles invited us to do.

11/05/22 | 1 min read
Let’s put these promises to the test!

We sustain all 15 members of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles as prophets, seers and revelators. In another post we talked about President Russell M. Nelson’s prophetic invitations and promises; here are some from the other Apostles as well.

  1. Elder Dale G. Renlund promised that “the Holy Ghost can and will show you all things that you should do.”1
    How? “Have the confidence to claim personal revelation for yourself” by studying what God has revealed through scriptures and His prophets.
  2. Elder Ronald A. Rasband promised that we can participate “in ‘the greatest work on earth,’ the gathering of Israel.’”2
    How? “Follow our beloved prophet, President Nelson, in flooding the earth with the Book of Mormon.”
  3. Elder Neil L. Andersen promised us “added confidence, peace, and joy in meeting the challenges of your life.”3
    How? “Allow your love for the Savior and His love for you to sink deep into your heart.”
  4. Elder David A. Bednar promised that we can “strengthen our covenant connection with the living Lord.”4
    How? “Evaluate our temporal and spiritual priorities sincerely and prayerfully.” What is keeping us from the Lord’s blessings?
  5. Elder Gary E. Stevenson promised that we can “keep this most precious possession, your testimony.”5
    How? “Seek opportunities to bear your testimony in word and in deed. … When a moment like this comes, grab it and embrace it.”

Pick One

Pick something mentioned above to work on this week. What do you notice?

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