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Here’s how one teen is sharing God’s word.

12/26/22 | 1 min read
How can you add to the flood?

Have you seen what a young man named McKay put together to share the Book of Mormon? Or better yet, have you heard it?

McKay wanted to produce a new audio recording of the Book of Mormon. Not a super-fancy version read by professional audiobook narrators, but one made by ordinary youth like himself.

He recruited more than 250 fellow teens from around the world, each recording verses in English, and ended up with the entire text of the Book of Mormon! His podcast is called “Teens Read the Book.” In addition to listening through the podcast, you can hear it online here and read more about it in the December issue of the For the Strength of Youth magazine!

At the most recent general conference, Elder Ronald A. Rasband said, “As an Apostle of the Lord, I invite you to follow our beloved prophet, President Nelson, in flooding the earth with the Book of Mormon. The need is so great; we need to act now.”1

You don’t need to come up with an idea as huge as McKay’s audio recording (though you certainly can!). You don’t even need a physical copy of the Book of Mormon—you can share it digitally through the Book of Mormon app. What can you do to help flood the earth?

Elder Rasband said, “I invite you, this day, to give a Book of Mormon to your friends and family, your associates at work, your soccer coach, or the produce man at your market.” In other words, anybody! Ask the Lord to help you know who might be ready to receive it.

Make a Plan

How can you share the Book of Mormon? Make a plan and set a goal!

1. Ronald A. Rasband, “This Day,” general conference, October 2022.