Names of Jesus Christmas Tree
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Here’s an activity about the names of Jesus Christ.

12/25/22 | 1 min read
It’ll be a great way to remember Him on Christmas day!

Merry Christmas! Today is a happy, holy day.

Here’s an activity you could try:

  1. Give everyone a pencil and some small papers (such as sticky notes).
  2. Agree on a length of time (such as 10 seconds).
  3. In that amount of time, invite everyone to write down a name that refers to Jesus Christ (such as Savior, Redeemer, Lord, or Good Shepherd).
  4. Have everyone share, then leave the names in a place where everyone can see them.
  5. Now play another round. Here’s the catch: you have to think of a name that hasn’t been shared yet! Keep playing until no one can think of any more names.

Pro tip: Check the December For the Strength of Youth magazine for a treasure trove of names for Christ! [Link to come.]

The Savior loves you so much! It’s great to celebrate His life with you today.

Pick A Fave

Are any of these names especially meaningful to you? You could write about what they mean in your journal.