Batchan (Grandma)
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Her grandmother never spoke.

04/20/24 | 1 min read
But still communicated so much love!

Think of an elderly family member or other person you look up to. How would you describe them?

In the powerful video “Batchan (Grandma),” a granddaughter remembers her unique grandmother, who couldn’t hear and didn’t speak.

You can watch it on this Church webpage. It was created by a Brazilian woman named Ester Kawai, so it’s in Portuguese. But you can turn on closed captioning for other languages in the bottom righthand corner of the screen.

The video was given the Visitor’s Choice Award during the 12th International Art Competition hosted by the Church History Museum!

The theme for the competition was “All are alike unto God,” from 2 Nephi 26:33. How do you think this video relates to that theme?

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