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Heading home from FSY?

05/29/22 | 1 min read
Bring what you’ve learned with you!

You’ve had great experiences at FSY. But how can you keep those feelings with you once it’s over?

Our suggestion is to focus less on specific circumstances—which make the conference different from daily life, unless you have a very unusual daily life!—and more on the principles that made FSY great. Like:

  • Having fun in a spiritually safe environment.
  • Spending time with uplifting friends.
  • Studying the scriptures.
  • Talking about gospel insights.
  • Sharing your talents and testimony with others.

These are all things you can do at home! Why not pick something from the list and give it a special effort this week? Think of it as a portable, personal FSY. Then you won’t really be leaving the conference behind after all!

Write the Awesome

Make sure to write in your journal about the best parts of your FSY experience so you can read about them when you need a spiritual boost!