10 Reasons to Register for FSY

Have you signed up yet?

04/25/22 | 1 min read
Here’s why you should!

FSY conference is awesome! Join the fun so that you can ...

10. Learn crazy dance moves.

9. Play new games.

8. Show off your talents in the variety show.

7. Sing your heart out in a musical program.

6. Build your daily scripture study habits.

5. Strengthen your testimony in awesome classes.

4. Experience uplifting firesides and devotionals.

3. Spend a week in a faith-filled environment.

2. Make new friends in your area with similar beliefs.

1. Increase your faith in Jesus Christ.

And here’s some exciting news. On April 26, registration for FSY will be opened to graduating seniors in all stakes in the U.S. and Canada—even those who are not officially scheduled until next year. Click here for registration instructions, or ask your local leaders for more information!

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What can you do to encourage your friends to come with you to FSY? The more the merrier!