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Goal: Honor and Enjoy the Sabbath Day

01/14/20 | 1 min read


When we honor the Sabbath day, we are showing our love for God and inviting His Spirit into our lives. We can be thankful for and enjoy the blessings that He provides—including the opportunity to attend church, take the sacrament, and draw closer to Him.

Goal Ideas

  • Consider what you can do to help make the Sabbath a delight for yourself and for others. For example, if you enjoy nature, you could go on a walk or look at nature photography. You could spend time in private worship. Or perhaps a family member, friend, or neighbor would benefit from a small kindness or an act of service.
  • Prepare ahead. This may include having your clothes ready on Saturday evening, or trying to finish homework or other tasks earlier in the weekend so you can better enjoy the Sabbath.
  • Take a break from your cell phone and other technology on the Sabbath. Consider spending time with family members or offering service instead, and consider how it makes you feel.
  • Spend time studying and praying about the Sabbath. Instead of focusing on things you can’t do, decide how you will use the Sabbath to show your love for Heavenly Father.
  • Set aside a regular time to do family history. You could do indexing, interview a parent or grandparent, add family photos to FamilySearch, or prepare names of deceased ancestors for temple ordinances.

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