Patriarchal Blessing
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Getting ready for your patriarchal blessing?

08/07/22 | 1 min read
Here’s a few tips about the when, what, and how.

Karl G. Maeser, a former principal of Brigham Young Academy, described patriarchal blessings as “paragraphs from the book of one’s possibilities.” Isn’t that cool? And these blessings are available to each one of us!

When am I ready to get one?
Chances are that if you’re asking, you might just be ready! The Spirit, your parents, and your bishop can help you know for sure.

What is a patriarchal blessing?

  1. An inspired blessing from Heavenly Father
  2. Given by an ordained patriarch in your stake
  3. A personal, revelatory message just for you

What does it usually include?

  • Your lineage in the house of Israel
  • Promises to help guide your life
  • Warnings
  • Counsel and advice

How can I prepare to get my patriarchal blessing?

  1. Read the scriptures and pray to Heavenly Father.
  2. Think about your life and the hopes you have for the future.
  3. Live worthy to receive your blessing (hint: if you have a current temple recommend, you are worthy to receive your patriarchal blessing).
  4. Talk to your bishop and set up an appointment with the stake patriarch.
Patriarchal Blessing

Remember that your blessing is a personal message from Heavenly Father to you. It is special and shouldn’t be compared or shared publicly with others.

And if something isn’t mentioned in your blessing—like marriage, a mission, and so on—don’t freak out. That doesn’t necessarily mean those things won’t happen. It just means God knew you especially needed to hear about something else.

As we use our agency to make good choices, we will see the words of our patriarchal blessings fulfilled!

Make a Plan

If you haven’t received your patriarchal blessing yet, create a plan to get one! If you have one already, you could make a plan to study it over the next while.

Adapted from “Paragraphs from Your Book of Possibilities” from the August 2022 For the Strength of Youth magazine.