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Get out your scriptures.

11/06/23 | 1 min read
And put on your creativity cap!

Do you have a physical copy of the scriptures at home? Here are some fun things you could try with your family or class!

  • If you have a hard-cover version of the Book of Mormon (you can buy copies here for a few dollars), use paint pens to decorate the cover with beautiful patterns or pictures.
  • Pick a set of scriptures and let everyone mark their favorite verse inside with a different colored pencil. Take turns talking about why you like that scripture.
  • Add your testimonies in copies to give to the missionaries so they can share them with others.
  • Did you know that in the early days of the Church, there were few printed copies of the Book of Mormon, so people had to take turns reading it? Entire families often shared a single copy! Talk about the first members of your family to join the Church (FamilySearch may help you find more info if needed). How do you think they read the scriptures?

Try a New Way

Try reading your scriptures in a different way: on your phone, using a physical copy, etc. What helps you focus and feel the Spirit? Different things work for different people!