Time Capsule
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Freeze history and tuck it away.

09/18/23 | 1 min read
Then make a plan to visit it again someday!

Have you ever seen someone open a time capsule? They can be a fantastic glimpse into the past. These capsules usually include a collection of treasures, photos, and other memories.

Why not create your own time capsule for your next family or class activity? Here are some tips for getting started!

  1. Choose meaningful items that represent your life right now. These could be objects, photos, drawings... anything that won’t get rotten over time. (Perishable food is not the best idea!)
  2. Pick a way to store it. You can decorate a waterproof container if you plan to bury your time capsule. Or you can use pretty much any container if you plan on keeping it inside somewhere, like a closet or attic.
  3. Add a label that will help everyone remember what the time capsule is. You should also set a date for when you’d like to open your time capsule, and write that on the label. It could be a year from now, five years, or even a decade down the line!

By the way, you can create a digital time capsule on the FamilySearch Memories App. No matter how you do it, now is a great time to start preserving memories that will bring a smile to your future self!

How Did It Go?

We’d love to see a picture of your time capsule and hear how it went! Email us at youth@ChurchofJesusChrist.org. We love hearing from you!