October 2022 Conference Quote Card
Gospel Living

Faith? Works? How about both!

01/12/23 | 1 min read
Our good works are meaningful because of Jesus Christ.

Some religions believe that you only need to say that you believe in Jesus Christ, and then you are saved. Others believe that it’s all about your actions—and making the wrong ones dooms you to eternal fire and brimstone.

Between those two extremes, there is room for both faith and works.1 As we use our agency to practice living as Jesus lives, His Atonement makes it possible for us to grow.

Because of our Savior, we can grow and improve each day. His grace empowers us. We owe Him everything!

Closer to Your Savior

What’s something you can do to become closer to your Savior this year?

Read or watch Elder Cook’s talk “Be True to God and His Work.”
1. See James 2:17–18.