Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple Exterior
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Explore a temple together.

05/13/24 | 1 min read
No traveling required!

Did you notice that multiple general conference speakers talked about temples?1

For a family or class activity, you could try some of these activities together:

  • Look at pictures of the inside of temples here.
  • Find the nearest temple to where you live. The tool on this page can help.
  • Draw a picture of a temple to hang in your room.
  • Mark a map with temples in your country or area. Here’s a list of all of them!
  • Listen to hymns or Primary songs about the temple here.
  • Think about your ancestors. Did they have connections to any temples?

You could end the activity by making a plan to visit the temple or temple grounds as a group. The Savior loves sharing His blessings with you at His holy house!

You Got This!

Volunteer to lead this activity at an upcoming family home evening or Church activity.


1. For example: