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Everything we do in the Church should be in the Savior’s name.

01/30/23 | 1 min read
Here’s a video about 3 Nephi 27.

The Nephite disciples of the Savior had a practical question: What should they call the church?

The Savior’s answer—that it should be called the Church of Jesus Christ—might seem obvious to us, but the Lord took the opportunity to teach an important principle. Just as the Church (as an institution) is named after Jesus Christ, we (as individuals) must also take His name upon us.

Everything we do in our lives—but especially the things we do at church, in our callings, and in our ministering—should be done in His name, with an eye toward His glory.

Watch and Ponder

What does it mean to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ? Why is it meaningful to you?