4 ways to Support Friends in Part Member Families
Gospel Living

Every family is different.

07/22/23 | 1 min read
But you can still try to help everyone feel like they belong

Are there members of your family who aren’t involved in the Church? Maybe you have friends in that situation. It can be tough at times! Here are some things we can do to help everyone feel welcome at Church—no matter what their family situation is like.

  1. Pray for ways to help others. And be ready to take action on answers you receive.
  2. Learn about the family members of your friends, those both in and out of the Church. It can help you understand their circumstances and help you be inspired to help in specific ways.
  3. Simply be kind. For example, invite someone to sit by you at church or offer to give them a ride if they can’t get to church activities very easily.
  4. Consistently live the gospel. People see your example, and the light of the gospel you bring can do a lot of good all on its own.

You can play an important role in blessing all types of families, in all types of circumstances. Who knows? You might even change someone’s life.

Reaching Out for Support

If you’re the only person involved in Church in your family, don’t be afraid to ask for extra support. Your Church leaders and ward family love you!

Adapted from “Four Ways to Strengthen Part-Member Families” in the July 2023 For the Strength of Youth magazine.