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Ever heard that we should “magnify” our calling?

04/03/24 | 1 min read
Here’s what that means.

Joseph, one of Lehi’s youngest kids, said that he and his brother Joseph “did magnify [their] office unto the Lord” (Jacob 1:19). Their “office”—that is, their assignment or calling—was to teach the Nephites about the word of God.

You might have heard Church leaders encourage us to “magnify” our callings. But what does that mean?

Sometimes we may think it means to do more work. But that’s not really what the word means. When you look at something through a magnifying glass or under a microscope, the object doesn’t actually get larger—all that changes is your perspective and focus.

Perhaps that’s how we should think about the callings and invitations the Lord gives us. God wants you to do your best. But that doesn’t mean exhausting yourself or doing a larger amount of work. Instead, maybe it means making sure your perspective and focus are in the right place, and then trusting that the Lord will make your efforts enough.

So... do you try to love others as children of God? Are you focused on following the Spirit? Do you rely on the Savior for help completing your assignments?

The next time you feel nervous about a calling, remember that it’s those efforts that matter most!

To Think About

What “callings” do you have right now? Being a son or daughter? A ministering companion? A friend? A disciple of Christ?