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Ever feel like you’re sinking?

09/20/23 | 1 min read
Here’s a song about the Savior’s rescuing love.

As this song testifies, whether the prisons and choppy waves around us are literal or metaphorical, Jesus Christ can always find us and lead us to freedom and safety. When have you felt His outstretched hand in your life?

Give it a listen! Scroll down for lyrics.

Words and music:

Instrumental version:

Feeling Found

When have you felt particularly “found” by the Savior? This would be a great question to ask a faithful parent or leader! You could add the story to your journal.

Found Me

Deep inside a dark prison cell,
Tried but I couldn’t save myself.
Running from the Savior’s grace,
Sinking in the crashing waves,
I was hurting, still believing the lies.

He was walking on the water
When I came a little closer to try, try.
And then my faith began to falter,
And I started falling back in the tide.

That’s when He found me,
Lost in the dead of the night.
That’s when He found me,
Pulled me into the light.
He knew just who I was,
And with His grace and love,
Showed me who I could be.
That’s when He found, found, found, found me.
That’s when He found, found, found, found me.

Caminando en la oscuridad, 
Perdido en la tempestad,
Triste-y sin poder volver,
Con temor en todo mi ser,
Dañándome con mis mentiras aún más y más.
El caminaba sobre-el agua.
Yo-intenté pero no pude andar, andar.
Mas temí a la tormenta,
Y mi fe ya no la pude hallar, hallar.


I was lost and alone, but then I found the one to hold onto,
And now I’m never leaving His side.
And I’m running on oceans, and there’s no sign that I’m slowing
‘Cause now I’m finally doing it right.