“Walk With Him” Emily Belle Freeman
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Encouragement to journey on in faith.

10/31/23 | 1 min read
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I knew on my trip in April that walking the Jesus Trail was going to be important for my calling. I wasn’t sure why. But the Spirit whispered it was true.

That’s why I didn’t cancel after breaking my leg. I knew I needed to walk the Jesus Trail. The Spirit whispered there was a lesson there.

“Walk With Him” Emily Belle Freeman

So I went. And we walked that trail. And I waited for the important lesson that would surely come. But it didn’t.

Not at first.

And sometimes the Spirit works like that. A whisper. Just a hint of something. You can’t quite grasp the meaning of the prompting. But you feel it.

It was weeks later that the understanding came—long after I returned home. It was after they took the cast off my leg and I was preparing to return the scooter. I reached up to the handlebars and untied Mya’s rope. I figured the rental place wouldn’t want it.

And that’s when the second whisper came—in the very moment I held that rope in my hands.

“This is the lesson.”

The rope.

“Walk With Him” Emily Belle Freeman

It was a lesson I would not have learned without the trail, or the guide, or the scooter.

“Walk With Him” Emily Belle Freeman
“Walk With Him” Emily Belle Freeman

And perhaps God knew all along about the lesson that was coming.

About what would hinder me along the way.

About the importance of the tethering that would pull me through.

About covenant relationships.

About walking with Him.

The lesson of the Jesus Trail was in the rope.

But there was a second lesson.

About the Spirit.

How it works quietly and consistently along the way.

Sometimes whispering only the part you need right now, with the promise of more guidance to come.

And maybe you are in the process of waiting for a whisper still to come.

An answer from the Spirit.

Journey on in faith.

Your answer will come.

—President Emily Belle Freeman
Young Women General President