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God hears us, in all languages!

03/22/24 | 1 min read
Give a different one a try.

Participating in a prayer, whether as the speaker or as a listening participant, is a sacred and holy experience. Which is why if you’ve ever listened to a prayer in a language you’re unfamiliar with, you’ve likely desperately wanted to understand.

Here’s a phrase to help get you started: “Querido Padre Celestial” is the Spanish version of “Dear Heavenly Father.”

Understanding prayers in other languages can be a beautiful and powerful experience because it reminds us that Heavenly Father is the father of us all and hears every prayer in every tongue.

If you want to learn more, download TALL Embark and select Spanish as your target language, and then choose “Offer a Prayer” on the basic core main page.

TALL- Embark Language Cards

TALL Embark is an app that lets you learn gospel lingo in over 50 languages. It’s available for both iOS and Android, so just visit your app store, download it, and get started.

TALL- Embark Language Cards

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