April 2023 General Conference Quote Card
Gospel Living

Each of us has a metaphorical backpack.

08/06/23 | 1 min read
We don’t have to carry it alone!

Picture a backpack of some kind—like something you might take to school, a satchel thrown over your shoulder.

In this backpack are all of the challenges we carry from living in this mortal world. These burdens are like heavy rocks. They could include rocks representing:

  • Our own mistakes and sins.
  • The poor decisions of others.
  • The fallen condition of this mortal world, including disease, natural disasters, and more.

Whoa, that’s a lot of rocks to carry! But here’s the amazing, wonderful, joyful news of the gospel: we don’t have to carry our burden alone! Jesus Christ can lighten our load and lift our burdens. He provides a way for us to be relieved of the weight of sin.
So instead of feeling crushed by the weight of the world, let Him help you. Life will still be hard, but every day won’t be quite as heavy!

Ask a Faithful Parent or Leader

“How have you seen Jesus Christ help you carry your burdens?”

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