Solar Eclipse
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Did you see today’s astronomical event?

04/08/24 | 1 min read
More about the sun and the Son.

Some parts of the world will experience a full solar eclipse today!

That’s where the moon passes between the earth and the sun at just the right moment to shadow the sunlight.

Can you use these words to fill in the scientific observations about the sun below? (Scroll to the end of the post for answers!)

A) core
B) miles
C) gravity
D) light

  1. The sun is 93 million _ _ _ _ _ away from earth.
  2. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ from the sun is what holds our solar system together.
  3. The _ _ _ _ of the sun is 27 million °F (15 million °C)!
  4. Life here is possible because of the _ _ _ _ _ and energy the sun provides.

Isn’t it interesting that, in English, the word “sun” sounds like the word “Son,” meaning Jesus Christ, the Son of God? Both give us essential light—one physically and the other spiritually.

What other symbolism do you notice about the two?

Explore More

Visit the educational website below to learn more about the sun and our solar system. Maybe someday you’ll study space for a living!

Information about the sun taken from this NASA webpage.

1) B
2) C
3) A
4) D