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Did you join the discipleship discussion?

02/24/24 | 1 min read
You can still watch it if you missed it!

The worldwide youth discussion on discipleship was great!

Here’s what some youth had to say about it:

“My favorite part is probably the fact that one of the youth in the video was deaf and communicating through sign language. My ward is the ASL ward in our stake, and my mom, dad, and I all help interpret our meetings. I learned a lot from this discussion, but the thing I learned the most is about myself. I realized that in the past year, I have become a more spiritual person, and more places I stand in are holy places.” —Lexi C., age 15

“Through this discussion my eyes were opened to how I can grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ! I know that every single one of us can find refuge in the love of our Savior. We can come to understand how Jesus works in OUR life. We can bring that light wherever we go and with whoever we’re around. The light of Christ is so powerful!!” —Annie W., age 17

You can still watch (or rewatch) the discussion here! And look for another post with a beautiful music video from the broadcast.

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