FSY 2023 South America
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Dancing, singing, serving, and sharing...

05/15/24 | 1 min read
All part of FSY in South America!

Starting last year, thousands of youth attend FSY conferences throughout countries in South America.

In Paraguay, counselors and youth created a photo of “PFJ,” which is FSY in Spanish.

FSY 2023 South America

Chilean youth performed a musical program the last day of conference—and were surprised when the full-time missionaries entered the room and sang “Called to Serve” with them!

FSY 2023 South America

Youth in Uruguay danced, and some of the counselors opened their mission calls.

FSY 2023 South America

Here’s what youth from Uruguay had to say about the conferences.

  • “It changed my way of thinking and removed many doubts.” (Thiago P.)
  • “I know that my Heavenly Father knows me by name—as well as each of His children.” (Samantha S.)
  • “It was one of the most spiritual experiences I’ve had.” (Ariel P.)
  • “Discipleship goes beyond just talking or sharing, but to help, love, respect, forgive and be examples.” (Oliver B.)

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