Creative Portraits: Youth
Gospel Living

Cristofer was racing against the clock.

04/23/24 | 1 min read
Here’s what helped him manage his time.

“I was struggling with football and school. I wasn’t the biggest kid, which was hard with football, and I was having trouble keeping up with my grades. I was always super tired, and I didn’t get to play much last year.”

“I decided this year to pray more and read my scriptures. I felt like I needed it, and I know from the scriptures that asking for help never goes wrong. I know how important communication is in my relationship with God.”

“The Lord helped me to divide my time better so that I wasn’t as tired and my mind was clear when I played. Now I’m starting on the team and I’m doing better in school. It felt good to know that my Heavenly Father was there for me and that if I have problems or questions, I can always ask Him.”

Check out pages 17–18 of the April magazine for an article about how to use your 24 hours in a healthy way!

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