Latter-day Saints Channel

Conversations: Steve Young

10/23/15 | 1 min read

This fast-paced Conversations interview with professional football Hall-of-Famer Steve Young reflects the energy displayed throughout his life.

Steve shares his experience growing up in Connecticut, surrounded by those who weren’t members of the Church, and how he ended up as the starting quarterback for the Brigham Young University football team coached by LaVell Edwards.

Steve also talks about his career in the NFL and the challenge and blessing it was to follow Joe Montana, one of the greatest football players ever. He learned a lot about how growth and refinement come through challenging or difficult circumstances, whether on the field or in life. He discovered that a change in perspective can have a major impact in all aspects of life.

Later in the interview, Steve explains how he went to law school during his professional football career, how he met his wife, the blessing of their four children, and the charitable organizations he began.

He then shares his testimony of the gospel, the need for refinement, and recognizing the most important things in life. Those things that matter most become clear through the gospel.

Steve definitely has an interesting story and perspective and has learned some powerful lessons through his experiences. We encourage you to listen to the full interview on Mormon Channel.