Contentious Family Members?
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Contentious family members?

04/18/24 | 1 min read
Here are some things you can do.

This month’s magazine includes a Q&A page about what to do when family members argue.

Here are some of the ideas that different youth shared:

  • Pray for peace
  • Show love to them
  • Set a good example
  • Listen to Church music
  • Look for God’s blessings
  • Read scriptures
  • Go to Church

And here are some additional thoughts from a young adult named Krystal, who is the only active member of the Church in her home right now.

“I enjoy watching videos about the Savior,” Krystal said. “And trying to make time to ponder.”

She said that she has a physical place in her house she goes to when the contention begins. Is there a place that you can turn into a special, sacred place? Maybe your bed? Or a corner that you can decorate with gospel artwork?

Remember that even though you can’t choose the tone of your home now, you’ll have more influence over your environment as you grow older. Practice creating holy places in the ways that you can. God understands your situation!

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