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Communication barriers don’t drag her down.

02/09/24 | 1 min read
Here’s Olivia’s story!

Have you ever felt left out or like you don’t belong? Have you ever wondered why God allowed you to experience a certain trial?

Olivia can relate! In this video, she talks about some of the challenges she’s gone through being the only Deaf person in her family and circle of friends at school.

For example, during times when she hasn’t had an interpreter at Church, she hasn’t been able to understand much. But she chose to try and make the most of it.

“I knew that I could read my scriptures and pray,” she said.

Olivia has learned that she can choose not to be bothered by other people. And she can choose to stay involved in Church. She had a great experience attending FSY in American Sign Language!

She shares a message of hope to anyone who isn’t sure what to choose right now.

“You need to have faith in God. I know that He will always be there for you,” she said. “If you’re still struggling, you can continue to have faith in God.”

Thanks so much for sharing, Olivia!

Stories of Inclusion

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