Palm Trees and Christmas Lights
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Christmas looks different around the world.

12/21/22 | 1 min read
But the joy is the same.

What is Christmas like where you are? Is it cold or warm? Snowy or sunny?

Brandon, Jake, Melissa, and Grace were used to Christmas being cold and snowy. Then their parents were called as leaders of the Uruguay Montevideo Mission, and the whole family moved there.

Living in a new place for three Christmases was hard, and the hot, humid Decembers were strange at first. But these siblings made Christmas special by serving the people around them.

Instead of shoveling driveways, they helped clean up debris after summer storms. And instead of walking down snowy streets, they went to the beach and gave out pass-along cards with candy taped to them.

Jake says, “Even though we were used to having a white Christmas, serving made the warm Uruguayan summer feel like Christmas.”

No matter where you are in the world, serving others can make your Christmas special!

The Eddy Family

Lighting the World

What service have you done this Christmas season? How does helping others make you feel?

Adapted from Jessica Brousseau, “Light Up the World with Christmas Service,” For the Strength of Youth, December 2022, 20. [Link to come]