2024 Quick Thought from Come Follow Me
Gospel Living

“Can I get answers like Enos?”

04/17/24 | 1 min read
Yes! In whatever way is best for you.

Enos offered a sincere, heartfelt prayer and received an answer from God. What makes Enos different from you?

Nothing. At least not when it comes to personal revelation.

True, Enos’ father, Jacob, was a prophet, but that didn’t automatically entitle Enos to anything. Like you, Enos still had to develop his own testimony. He still had to repent of his sins—whatever they may have been.

And while Enos received a pretty dramatic answer to his prayers, there’s no telling what your answers will be like throughout your life. Some may be pretty dramatic and immediate. Others may be more subtle and happen over time. Either way, Heavenly Father knows and loves you just as much as He knew and loved Enos.

God will interact with you in the way He knows is best. He knows how to speak to each of us in a way we can understand, depending on our needs and circumstances. He is eager to communicate with you! A lot of times, we just need to learn how to listen.

How Did Enos Do It?

Look for ways Enos created an opportunity to communicate with God. How can you follow his example and make your prayers a time of more meaningful conversation?