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Brian has learned a lot from his friends!

05/17/23 | 1 min read
How do your friends help you learn and grow?

“We moved a lot growing up because my dad is in the military. Everywhere I go, there’s always at least one person who I learn something from. Looking at it in hindsight, each time I move, I leave as a completely different person, but I’m still me.

“One of my friends in Virginia taught me how to stand up for myself. He was constantly picked on. We became best friends, and I looked up to him even though no one else did. I gradually began to adopt the way he was and carry that with me. God puts people in your life to help you grow and learn. I was able to change for the better because of his example.”

Thanks for sharing your story, Brian!

Friendly Thoughts

What have you learned from the positive friends in your life? What characteristics do you look for in a good friend?