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“Because of Him...”

03/29/24 | 1 min read
A special testimony about an empty tomb.

I once had the opportunity to stand next to the hill some people think was the location of Golgotha in Jerusalem. As I stood at the overlook, I pondered what we had been taught about the crucifixion. After some time, I walked down a garden path and stood at the entrance to a tomb.

No one knows for sure if the place where I was standing is the right hill or the right tomb.

But there is one thing we do know... wherever the tomb is that held Christ’s body, it is empty now.

And in the moment the tomb was found empty, everything changed.

Because of Him, healing comes.

Because of Him, we can do impossible things.

Because of Him, we don’t weep alone.

Because of Him, our capacity is increased.

Because of Him, we are enough.

—President Emily Belle Freeman
Young Women General President

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