Homesick at FSY?
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At FSY and missing home?

05/24/22 | 1 min read
These ideas might help.

For some of us, FSY conference might be the first time we’ve really been away from home. It can be hard to be separated from family and friends. How can you keep from feeling homesick?

Here are some tips:

1. Realize that homesickness is normal.

Other people probably feel the same way you do. You’re not alone!

2. Talk to someone.

If you feel lonely or sad, talk to your FSY counselor or people in your group. Just having a friend to talk to can help, and you can talk about anything!

3. Make a new friend.

Find something you have in common with someone else. Learn what makes them unique!

4. Pray.

What matters to you also matters to Heavenly Father. Don’t hesitate to ask Him for help:

  • Feeling comfort and peace.
  • Making friends.
  • Having good experiences.
  • Inviting the Spirit to be with you.

5. Focus on familiarity.

Hopefully you can feel the Spirit at FSY and find common interests with other people. You also get to study the scriptures, play games, and do other things you’ve probably done outside of the conference. Focus on those familiar feelings! Home isn’t as far away as you think.

6. Do something you’re interested in.

It could be singing in the choir, playing a game—whatever you enjoy!

7. Find ways to participate—even small ways.

Be present when your group is doing something. Offer help, write down things you’re learning, or add to the conversation.

8. Set a goal or two for the rest of the week.

What do you want to accomplish while you’re at FSY?

9. Keep in contact.

You can always call or text your family to stay in touch with them. Just try not to let it distract too much from being fully in the moment at FSY.

10. Try to have fun!

Even if it’s hard to be away from home, FSY can still be an awesome experience! Remember that FSY counselors, friends, and Heavenly Father will be there to help you every step of the way.

Consider a Blessing

You can always ask for a blessing of comfort from someone who holds the Melchizedek Priesthood.