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Anyone can choose to come to Jesus Christ.

07/17/23 | 1 min read
It’s our job to love, not label!

When David was serving a mission in Germany, he and his trainer taught an older woman who struggled to read the scriptures. She gave short answers to their questions, and they didn’t know if she was really getting anything. But they felt prompted to keep going. At their next lesson, she told them she wanted to be baptized!

“We didn’t know her heart, but God did,” David says. “I’m glad we felt prompted to keep teaching her.”

Anyone can choose to come unto Jesus Christ, make covenants with Heavenly Father, and follow in Their ways. We can’t just look at someone’s outward characteristics and think they’re not the “type” for the gospel.

When He blesses His children, God doesn’t show favoritism based on nationality, race, sex, wealth, education, ability, appearance, or any other differences that divide people. He doesn’t see a collection of labels, He sees an individual—His child. And that’s how we should see each person—as a loved child of Heavenly Father. He wants everyone to choose to come unto Him.

Read “Gather—Don’t Scatter” in the July 2023 For the Strength of Youth magazine to learn more about how God sees his children (including some cool thoughts about the story of Peter and Cornelius).

Un-Label Them

Is there anyone in your life you might have accidentally labeled “not the gospel type”? Un-label them! It’s not up to us to decide who is and is not ready for the gospel.