FSY Made a Difference
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A special song led to a family connection.

08/17/22 | 1 min read
Emily ended up being grateful for FSY after all!

Have you gone to FSY yet? Emily went earlier this summer.

“I’ve been struggling with feeling like I don’t matter,” she said, explaining how she almost left FSY early.

Thankfully, she stayed! And something cool happened. She was able to sing “Our Savior’s Love” with others as part of the music program at FSY. This hymn is special to her because one of her ancestors wrote it.

“One of my counselors said that he could feel angels singing with the music program,” she said. For Emily, it felt like one of those angels was her ancestor!

What an awesome experience, right? Being at FSY helped Emily connect with her ancestors. Who knows how it can bless your life?

“I love FSY, and I love this gospel,” she said.

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Editor’s note: If someone you know left FSY early, be extra kind to them. We never know what they might be struggling with!