A small gift can carry a lot of light
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A small gift can spread a lot of light.

12/12/22 | 1 min read
Just ask Jana, from Germany!

Jana is from Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Serving others helps remind her of the true meaning of Christmas.

One of her family’s traditions is giving small handmade gifts like soap, candles, and cookies to their neighbors.

“When we give them Christmas gifts, it’s like a thank-you for helping us all year,” she said.

And guess what? The effects of this kindness didn’t stop with those small gifts. Jana’s family was able to introduce their neighbors to the missionaries while sharing delicious cookies. And after a while, their neighbors started giving out Christmas gifts as well!

Jana Buness

“When you celebrate Christmas by bringing people joy, you’ll be reminded of Jesus Christ,” Jana said. “And you can share the joy of His message with others.”

Way to go, Jana! We can’t wait to hear more Light the World success stories!

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Adapted from Jessica Brousseau, “Light Up the World with Christmas Service,” For the Strength of Youth, December 2022, 20–21.