The Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings, "Israel, Israel, God Is Calling."
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A phone call from God?

12/27/21 | 1 min read
Not that kind of call. But still an important one!

Can you imagine getting a phone call from God? What would you hope He would say?

There’s a hymn about that—sort of. OK, it’s not about a phone call. But it is about how God is calling each of us to “come to Zion” and help gather Israel. It’s called “Israel, Israel, God Is Calling” (Hymns, no. 7).

Listen to the song in the video above. Each verse teaches us something a little bit different.

  • It starts with the invitation for us, the “call.”
  • We learn that God is alive and speaking to us today.
  • The third verse talks about the Restoration of the gospel.
  • And the song ends with a sense of urgency. No vain delays—in other words, get moving!

We’d probably hurry to pick up the phone if God were calling. Let’s answer this call with the same enthusiasm!

Bring Others Along

Sister Cordon recently encouraged us to bring others with us as we come to Jesus Christ. What can you do to invite others to come to Zion?