Wireless Microphones

Last Updated: 25 October 2019 at 11:31


Wireless microphones are approved as a standard feature in stake centers and meetinghouses. Wireless microphone systems (two per stake center and one per meetinghouse) may be purchased as needed and are funded from operation budgets through the local facilities manager (FM). The FM may have additional units available for loan if needed. Units that desire to order wireless microphones have a choice between lapel microphones (which clamp onto a shirt or a tie) and handheld microphones.

Note: models below reflect purchases in North America; other areas of the world will have different standards.

Lavalier System

Works best for hands-free operation for training and teaching. Microphone clips on to a tie, lapel, blouse, and so forth.

 Audio-Technica ATW-1101L-PKG



Handheld System

Works best when a microphone needs to be shared by multiple presenters or passed around for comment.

Audio-Technica ATW-1102-PKG




Both types of wireless microphones may be purchased; however, no more than one microphone can be used with a receiver at a time. If multiple wireless microphones need to be used at the same time, a separate receiver will be needed for each one.

A wireless microphone system includes a:

  • Receiver: 10-channel receiver with two antennas and wall-wart power supply. Receiver has volume control on rear panel to adjust microphone loudness in the room.
  • Microphone: Your choice of lavalier (with body pack transmitter) or handheld microphone. Both microphones use two AA alkaline batteries.
  • Cord: 10-foot microphone cable connects receiver into any sound system microphone input.
  • Case: Convenient plastic compartmentalized carrying case.

The purchase of wireless microphones is coordinated through the stake physical facilities representative and the facilities management group manager. Purchasing wireless microphones outside of this channel may make it difficult for units to receive support if there is an issue with the microphones.

General Authority Support

Occasionally, visiting authorities may request that units provide equipment, including wireless microphones, in excess of those provided for under current policy. Local leaders should work with their facilities managment group manager to meet the request. Facilities management groups may choose to rent or buy additional equipment or may borrow equipment from other buildings they manage to meet the need.


Previous Systems

The systems listed below no longer comply with Federal Trade Commission (FCC) rules and should be returned to the facilities management group. The facilities management group will then provide current models in compliance with FCC rules. Where wireless microphone models other than those listed are used, they should be evaluated for compliance with FCC rules. Models out of compliance should be immediately taken out of service.

Facilities management groups should refer to the FM Office Manual’s wireless microphone section for complete policy details.

Lavalier System

  Audio-Technica ATW-2129-PKG







Handheld System

  Audio-Technica ATW-2120-PKG