Meraki MR33 Wireless Access Point

Last Updated: 23 December 2019 at 11:52

If additional wireless coverage is required in meetinghouses, the Meraki MR33 wireless access point (standard WAPs) should be used.

Facility management groups decide when to purchase and where to install standard WAPs based on the needs of local units and budgets. The “Wireless Best Practices” MHTech article should be reviewed to ensure WAPs are installed properly to maximize the performance of the wireless in a building.

Standard WAPs do not come with an A/C power supply. For each standard WAP purchased by FM groups through LDS eMarket, a power injector should also be ordered. A Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) switch can also be used in place of one or more power injectors.

Use these instructions for help activating the standard WAP. 

The SSID on the standard WAPs is LDSAccess. Stake and district technology specialists may obtain the passphrase/password for the wireless network by contacting the Global Service Center (GSC) if they don’t know what it is.