Last Updated: 2 November 2018 at 10:24

The bishop, Relief Society president, counselors in the bishopric, ward clerk, and ward finance clerk can obtain ward-level reports under the “Reports” tab. Members of the stake presidency and the stake clerk can run stake-level reports as well as ward-level reports for each unit in the stake. These leaders can generate reports from the current year and prior year by selecting the desired month and year. Data for earlier years is not available in the system. Reports of orders for individual recipients are also available.

Only orders that were filled and closed during the specified month will appear on unit reports. Orders that are initiated during the month but not filled will not be listed.


To view a report for a specific recipient, choose Recipient in the Report Type selector, choose the ward member’s name from the Recipient selector, and choose Run Report. The report will appear below the search box. Note that recipient reports can only be run for recipients who are current members of the ward (for ward leaders) or stake (for stake leaders). This report will list all assistance the person received during the current and previous year, regardless of the unit the recipient lived in.


To view a unit report, choose Unit in the Report Type selector, then select the year and month from the drop-down menus, and choose Run Report. The report will appear below the search box. Select any order from this list to review its details. To print a report, choose Print Report.


Stake-level reports show the number of orders and the total order value for each ward unit in the stake up to the selected month and year to date.