Gathering Webcast Requirements

Last Updated: 2 July 2019 at 10:59

Webcasting is used for a wide variety of conferences. Depending on who will be presiding over a given conference, you may be asked to fulfill special requirements. Some of these requirements could include the following:

  • Additional cameras
  • Outside media integration (PowerPoint presentations, videos, images, etc.)
  • Audience participation (wireless microphones)
  • Hymn lyrics and speaker name overlays

Consider these special requirements well in advance of the webcast. Knowing early about these special requirements is critical to a successful broadcast. Remember, you are never under obligation to purchase special equipment for requirements that exceed the webcasting standard. Instead, once you become aware of special requirements, talk with your stake presidency and physical facilities representative about which requirements will be challenging to implement and what equipment you lack. Then reach out to the FM group for help obtaining missing equipment.